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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Great article by Denis Boyles at NRO today - looks like France isn't quite the social garden of Eden they would have everyone believe. Quote:

"The large minority of Frenchmen — although not all have citizenship — who perpetrate hate crimes against the French Republic are frequently "disaffected" Arabs, mostly from North Africa. They despise America, Jews and, unfortunately for the French, France itself."

Friday, December 12, 2003

Wow, just came across this post about Blog stats. on Blogcritics.org. To sum, these are what everyone thinks, but are not always true:
1. Blog content tends to be external to the author ie not personal.
2. Blog authors are typically well-educated adult males
3. Blogs are interactive, attracting multiple comments
4. Blogs are heavily interlinked

Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad (not so many comments so far, but I did just figure out how to add that feature today.)
If you got to hear the set up of the Elder by Hugh Hewitt, you had the opportunity to witness a true master at work. A devious, underhanded master, but a master nonetheless. After Hugh threw a wicked curve, you could almost hear the country thinking "what is he...what does that...huh?" At least the Elder only paused for a few seconds, and didn't begin with "um..." like the rest of us probably would have. All be warned: Hugh doesn't take it easy on anyone.
Ann Coulter strikes gold again. She's taking on all-comers (again) and not pulling punches. Money quotes:

"(Howard Dean's) policy of having a state social worker visit every new mother in Vermont (not to be confused with the Arkansas policy from the 1980s in which the governor would visit every woman who was hoping to become pregnant)."

"Whenever liberals all start singing from the same hymnal, they are up to no good. (Or since we're talking about American liberals here, maybe I should say, "when they all start reading from the same Quran.")

"there are more civilian employees working for the post office than for national defense or international relations of any kind"

"God help us if the Democratic Party ever wavers on its three major planks: abortion, gay marriage and banning the Boy Scouts. (Perhaps they could save a step by figuring out how to automatically abort all future Boy Scouts.) "

Read this, if you can stop laughing long enough.
Mark Steyn has made a resolution to be more sensitive. Let's hope it doesn't make him any less funny.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Jonathan at Mangled Cat has been down with the flu lately. So the article in the Rocky today really pissed him off.
Jay Nordlinger on Howard Dean:

"His English is incoherent, his reasoning shallow, his understanding weak. The amazing thing is that Democrats, and probably not a few others, consider this guy the mental superior of George W. Bush. Dean doesn't reach to Bush's knees."

"George W. . . looks positively MacArthuresque compared with this skier and physical-quoter."
Hat tip to the Elder for pointing out these quizzes. Some are hilarious. I especially recommend the Political Compass and the Select a Religion quizzes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The political situation in San Francisco has gotten so out of hand that the most recent mayoral election was mainly between a Democrat and a Green - and it was close! 53%-47%

The best that you can say about the new mayor-elect Newsom is that the people who don't like him say that he's "a Republican in liberals clothing."
The teasing paragraph from an article today on MSN news:

"KABUL, Afghanistan, Dec. 10 " Six children were crushed to death by a collapsing wall during an assault by U.S. forces on a compound filled with weapons in eastern Afghanistan, a U.S. military spokesman said Wednesday, the second time in a week that civilians have died in action against Taliban and al-Qaida suspects."

The opening photo is anAfghani man huddled in a blanket crouching next to children's shoes and caps on the ground - we're told by the caption these used to belong to some of the children killed. The caption next to the photo:

"Second American military blunder in less than a week"

Okay, lets look at this a little more objectively, shall we? The photo, the caption and the lead 'graph tell the reader how evil the U.S. forces are, and this is their evidence. An assault on a compound filled with weapons apparently have little meaning to this AP writer. What were these children doing there? By the way, there were adults that were with them and also killed, but that's not as fantastic to report and photograph. These adults led the children into a building stocked full of killing things owned by a known terrorist! Whose fault is this,exactly? And the fact that this is a war never enters the mind of the reporter, either. This, unfortunately, is what happens during a war - a war, incidentally, that we did not start. Can we just get a little objective (or accurate) reporting?
So I'm sitting in class last night, listening to the most incredible drivel pouring out of the most liberal, knee-jerk, man-hating students, and I'm wondering, "why are these adults attending a religious university? Is there no safe haven for a white, conservative, religious man any longer? Is the drive to Boulder too far for you?"

It's pretty much the same all the time with this group - Bush sucks, the U.S. is wrong (just name a subject) - but tonight they started on about how wonderful the Democratic Presidential wannabe debates have been. What debates have they been watching? Through what filter have they been watching these debates? Byron York has a
great take on the debate on NRO today.
Good news about the war is getting harder to find lately. Those who can should point it out as often as possible.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Dick Morris knows why Gore threw his support behind a complete psycho. "The tail is taking over the dog."
Why do straight white kids in the SF area (natch) have to start their own clubs to get any support? What do you suppose the odds are of any of these caucasion highschoolers getting a race-based scholarship?
So Gore now backs Dean for the White House. The best part of that is that it means there's no chance of Gore back as V.P. What does Joe Lieberman have to be thinking right now? Loved his comment about him keeping his promises.

Monday, December 08, 2003

If you haven't checked out the sites for the great Hugh Hewitt and generally acceptable Fraters Libertas you should do so immediately! But probably not one after the other - they'll give you a headache.

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